Where does TCP practice?

  • Classes are held on Lake Phalen in (St. Paul / Maplewood). 
  • Teams meet at the Boat Launch Parking Lot at the north-end of the lake.
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What to wear to practice?

  • Shorts, Long or short sleave synthetic T-shirt (depending on weather)
  • We paddle bare foot, but please wear flip flops at the parking lot and boat launch

What do I need bring to practice?

  • Flip Flops
  • Towel
  • Spare set of cloth
  • Water bottle

Where do I drop off my kids and park my car?

  • You can drop off your kids at the boat launch.
  • Stay and watch your kids or use the time walk around the lake.
  • Please park your car here. 

What equipment do I need?

  • TCP has single and team kayaks and canoes, paddles and PFDs.
  • Athletes in the high performance program typically have their own equipment.

What happens if I come late?

  • We will lock the boat storage container when we are ready to go on the water. 
  • Please try to arrive 10 min before practice begin. 

What if I can't make it to practice?

  • It's OK to miss a practice or race day. 
  • Please let your coach know ahead of time if you can't make it. 

What happens when it rains?

  • We always try to hold practice, even if it is a little rainy.
  • Coaches will closely monitor the weather and at the first sign of lightning all members will be directed off the water.
  • If weather condition is unsafe to paddle coaches will send cancellation notices via TeamApp.

What are club races?

  • Members of Lighting, Thunder races on Saturday mornings. No extra fees!
  • The races are friendly competitions between members of the different programs. We hold short races and fun exercises.
  • Bring friends and family to watch.

What is a regatta?

  • A regatta is a competition between different clubs.
  • A typical race course has 9 lanes and is 200m, 500m, 1000m long
  • Most regattas require road trips. We travel as a team and bring boats on our trailer. Separate travel fees apply. 
  • Regatta Schedule and Registrations

Why does TCP charge a membership fee?

  • Membership fees pay for club insurance, internet presence, mail box and other operating cost.



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